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 Jining Jin Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in July 20th 2007, land acquisition of 49790 square meters, plant construction area of 39860 square meters, specializing in the production of construction machinery products. At the beginning, the production of coal mine machinery, the company in 2002 to seize the opportunities for development of domestic engineering machinery history, combined with the Jining regional market environment advantage, companies entering the construction machinery industry and Komatsu (Komatsu), katsushiro (Katsushiro), Shantui (Shantui) and Volvo (Volvo), Carter Biller (Carter Biller), supporting the long-term cooperation of production engineering mechanical product structure.

July 20, 2007, in Jining national high tech Development Zone, the establishment of Jining Jin Chang Machinery Co., Ltd., 49790 square meters of land acquisition. Plant construction area of 39860 square meters, specializing in the production of construction machinery products.

In November 20, 2007, the establishment of the Qingdao branch in Qingdao.

In January 19, 2012, the establishment of the Linyi branch in Linyi.

The company began in 2011 R & D investment garden machinery products (digging machine, transport machine tree tree), 2013 China first tree digging machine test success, also marks the golden Changqing machinery group company has become the R & D, manufacturing, sales (mining machinery, engineering machinery, garden machinery manufacturing) as one of the comprehensive machinery company.

Tree digging machine is based on China's landscape demand, our company technical staff after a lot of research, and the introduction of foreign technology, new product development, this kind of tree digging machine in China belongs to the first, to fill the gaps in our big shift dug, it replaces the traditional artificial dig tree method, reduce the labor intensity the removal of trees can greatly improve the efficiency, improve the survival rate of saplings shift digging, suitable for nursery, garden city. It has played an important role in accelerating the development of forestry in china.

Digging machine after a number of field tree digging operations, and in accordance with the recommendations of the user, to improve, has been put into mass production, has been sold to the country. Well received by forestry workers and experts. The machine adopts the mechanical and electrical hydraulic integration system, dig a tree for 1 minutes, the efficiency can be improved by more than 100 times.

The tree digging machine can not only improve the productivity, replace the manual labor, improve the survival rate, but also greatly reduce the cost of digging trees. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation and convenient maintenance. Welcome to buy! (to be continued)
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