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road marking equipment


Center of gravity steady: redesigned, solve the traditional product cross 450 mm zebra crossing time body is not smooth.

Light: makes the body more light by trial and error, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators. Energy consumption reduction, crossed efficiency.

Easy manipulation, the manipulation of amplitude fights by conventional narrow 300 mm to 200 mm, more accurately, the maneuverability is strong, solved the closed fast and fights the edge is not neat, etc; And slider compact structure is adopted to solve the similar products on both ends of the pressure, deformation of material leakage problem in the middle.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions(L×B×H):1200 mm×900 mm×900mm

Total weight:125kg

Glass beads tank capacity:25kg

Mixing barrel capacity:105kg

Coating thickness:1.2~4mm

Beads scattered way:Gear transmission, the automatic clutch

Holding temperature:170~250℃

The liquefied oil tank specifications:15kg

Line width:50,80,100,120,150,200,230,250,300mm,More can be applied to 400, 450, 500 mm zebra crossing.

Hand push type hot melt marking machineroad marking machineroad marking equipment.jpgHand push type hot melt marking machineroad marking machineroad marking equipment1.jpgHand push type hot melt marking machineroad marking machineroad marking equipment2.jpg



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