The current position:��High quality excavator bucket for Hitachi
High quality excavator bucket for Hitachi



Digging of hard soil, soil mixed with soft stone, loading of gravel, broken stone, etc.

Rock Bucket

Product Characteristics:

The bottom of the excavator bucket is in double-arc design, to increase clearance space at the heel and reducing abrasion;

A gap adjustable sleeve device is used at the connection with the bucket bracket;

Made of Swedish HARDOX super high strength wearable steel, extending the duration by several times;

The teeth and the adapter are made of the world-famous MTG product and SBIC product. They maximize products’ reliability, excavation performance and economical efficiency;

Greatly reduce the time and cost of maintenance, greatly improve the working efficiency and shorten the working time.


Digging of earth with hard rock, sub-hard stone and land waste, heavy work such as digging and loading of solid rock, blasted ore, etc




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