The current position:��white or yellow cold plastic road marking paint for sale(bra
white or yellow cold plastic road marking paint for sale(bra

white or yellow cold plastic road marking paint for sale(brand new,truck mounted type)


truck mounted type: 
13HP power,paint pumps 
100-450mm spray width 
150kgs paint tank 
 new type pneumatic spraying gun


Truck Mounted Airless Cold Paint Road Marking Machine


truck mounted type:
13HP power,paint pumps
100-450mm spray width
150kgs paint tank
new type pneumatic spraying gun



Truck Mounted Airless Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Main parameters: 

1. Engine: Japanese Honda 13HP four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine.

2. Paint Pump: Equipped with single (type I) or double (type II) vertical external plunger pump with good abrasion resistance and easy maintenance. The maximum flow is 20L/min and the maximum pressure is 20mpa (working pressure: 8-12mpa). It can mark single-color or double-colored lines with single gun or double guns at the same time. The type II can simultaneously operate three or four guns to mark single-color or double-colored lines.

3. Structure: Integrated high strength welded structure. The engine drives the hydraulic pump to run, and then drives the cylinder to work through the hydraulic control system. The whole system is easy to operate. The control device within reach can be set precisely at any time during the marking operation.

4. Spray width: 100-450mm (maximum width can be extended to 1000mm according to the users’ needs).

5. Glass beads dispensing (spraying) system: Equipped with glass beads dispenser (type A )or spraying (type B ) system.

6. Control System: Equipped with TT-KZ300 micro-electronic control system (PLC), which can be freely programmed to automatically set line types of single or double continuous line and all kinds of broken line to make the marking operation fast and convenient.

7. Pre-Marking System: The pre-marking system is synchronous with the spraying work, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

8. Spraying Gun: Electronic (type A) or pneumatic (type B) new-type spraying gun, equipped with hard side columnar reverse washed nozzle (30/20) which can make the on-spot discharge fast and convenient. The non-arc nozzle ensures the marking line straight and exact.

9. Gun Bracket: Foldable bracket is automatically equidistant to the road surface. The spray width can be adjusted freely before or in the spraying work.

10. Guide Rod: Galvanized adjustable guide rod (optional for video guiding system).

11. Available Paint: Water-based, cold solvent paint and two-component (type II) paint.

12. Paint tank: Equipped with double paint tanks with a capacity of 150kg per tank and hydraulic automatic stirrer.

13. Cleaning system: Equipped with cleaning device to clean the whole spraying system, which makes the on-site cleaning easy and convenient.

14. Size & Weight (excluding the gun bracket and guide rod):

Type IA: 1130mm(L)×1290mm(W)×1410mm(H); 380kg.

Type IB: 1110mm(L)×1260mm(W)×1410mm(H); 455kg.

Type IIA: 1110mm(L)×1280mm(W)×1410mm(H); 650kg.

Type IIB: 1110mm (L) ×1380mm (W) ×1410mm (H); 735kg.

Optional for portable hand-push road marking machine to mark special lines like pedestrain crossing, parking line and lane lines.


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