The current position:��Excavator bucket Hitachi EX200 1.0m3 standard bucket
Excavator bucket Hitachi EX200 1.0m3 standard bucket


1.Bucket type: Standard, Heavy Duty, Rock 

2.Capacity: 0.01~6.7 cbm 

3.Material: high strength wearable steel 

4.Fast delivery 

Excavator bucket:

Type: Standard Buckets / Heavy-Duty Buckets /  Rocky Buckets/Cleaning bukcets/Skeleton bucket/ clamshell bucket;

Material:Q345B / Q460(Mn16) / WH60A / NM360/ NM450 / HARDOX 400(500)etc.

Hold capacity:from 0.1m3 to 8 m3, as per customer's requirement

Standard Bucket

Product Characteristics:

Large bucket capacity, and large open area;

Large stowing surface, and accordingly high coefficient of fullness;

Made of top quality structural and high strength steel, the adapters are made of domestic top quality products;

Save working time, improve working efficiency.


General digging of clay and light work such as loading of sand, earth and gravel. 

Heavy Duty Bucket

Product Characteristics:

On the basis of S series, high-stress and wearing parts are made of high-strength wearable steel;

Adapter is a world-famous SBIC product;

Inherit all advantages of S series, and greatly improve strength and wearability.



Digging of hard soil, soil mixed with soft stone, loading of gravel, broken stone, etc.

Rock Digging Bucket

Product Characteristics:

The bottom of the excavator bucket is in double-arc design, to increase clearance space at the heel and reducing abrasion;

A gap adjustable sleeve device is used at the connection with the bucket bracket;

Made of Swedish HARDOX super high strength wearable steel, extending the duration by several times;

The teeth and the adapter are made of the world-famous MTG product and SBIC product. They maximize products' reliability, excavation performance and economical efficiency;

Greatly reduce the time and cost of maintenance, greatly improve the working efficiency and shorten the working time.


Digging of earth with hard rock, sub-hard stone and land waste, heavy work such as digging and loading of solid rock, blasted ore, etc


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